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Current Exhibition

Yvette Kaiser Smith

Exhibition Dates

November 8th, 2019 – December 27th, 2019

Opening Reception

Date: Friday, November 8th, 2019

Time: 6-8 pm


Currently a resident of Chicago, I was born in Communist Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1958, and moved with family to Dallas, Texas in 1969 to an apartment just blocks away from Southern Methodist University. Many years later I attended SMU as “an older than average student” and in 1990 received a BFA with heavy concentration in sculpture and photography. While at SMU, I attended the Yale Summer Program in Norfolk, Connecticut. Marriage brought me to Chicago where, in 1994, I earned an MFA with focus in sculpture from the University of Chicago. A full-time artist since 1994, I’ve exhibited extensively at regional museums, art centers, and university galleries throughout the United States. Exhibitions abroad include: U.S. Embassies in Moscow, Ankara, and Abuja; alternative galleries in London, Rome, Berlin, and Jena Germany; and the 2010 Berliner Liste art fair. In 2005, I began working with art consulting firms, galleries, and individual clients to create site-specific, private and public commissions. The road towards my signature process of creating math generated work and crocheting fiberglass really began in 1992 when I started making sculpture that dealt with abstracting narratives of identity. Within this context, an exploration of fiberglass and resin led me to crocheting fiberglass roving. Years later, the same pursuit led me to creating patterns from math sequences and forms anchored in grid and Pascal’s Triangle. Most recently, I began exploring new systems of mapping sequences, anchored in drawing with various media such as graphite, markers, acrylic gouache, and encaustic paints on panel and variety of papers. These 2D works range from simple notations as graph plots to complex layered patterns that visualize hundreds of digits. Although half of my BFA studio focus was in photography, photography did not find its way into my MFA work or professional studio practice. It has, however, been an ongoing side obsession. Every time I travel, I accumulate hundreds of images. What many have in common is abstraction and geometry, either through finding geometric relationships within streetscapes or in serial shooting of motion. Advent of iPhone photography and Instagram brought this obsession home, with focus on Chicago’s vanishing points. How will select images be printed or realized? Archival pigment prints? Screen prints? Still a mystery.

Artist Statement

I create systems for visual articulation of mathematics as a way to generate seemingly random patterns through form and color distribution, utilizing the grid, Pascal’s Triangle, and numbers pi and e. My signature process is crocheting fiberglass. I create my own cloth by crocheting continuous strands of fiberglass into flat geometric shapes, formed and hardened with polyester resin and use of gravity. Ready to expand my artistic vocabulary, I am slowly transitioning the math to 2D surfaces by looking for new systems of mapping sequences as I learn new material languages and look for my own voice in mixed-media drawings.