A Contemporary Spin on Winter Break

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A Contemporary Spin on Winter Break

A Contemporary Spin on Winter Break

Winter Break Camps

Winter camps at One River School allow students grades K-12 to experience mini versions of One River School’s most popular summer camp programs during their winter school breaks.

Week 1 - December 26 - 28

Grades k - 2



Explore unique watercolor wonderlands! Students will be exposed to a variety of wonderlands and their inhabitants, which will become the main source of inspiration for these projects.


Grades 3 - 5


Learn to Draw
Arctic Wildlife

Learning to draw realistically is a crucial and fundamental skill for any aspiring artist. Students will study various animal anatomies to help them create accurate, proportionate and to scale drawings.


Week 2 - January 2 - 4

Grades 6 - 12


Digital Manga

Manga comics have a long history in Japanese art, and in the following years, increasingly popular worldwide. Their highly stylized characteristics and engaging storylines have become a cultural phenomenon.

Camps at one river


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