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Judith Mullen

Exhibition Dates

August 9th, 2019 – September 13th, 2019

Opening Reception

Date: Friday, August 9th, 2019

Time: 6-8 pm


Growing up in the Midwest Judith Mullen divided her time between the city and a family farm in Northern Wisconsin. The juxtapositions found between these two landscapes continues to inform her studio practice. Over the past several years Mullen’s paintings, sculptures and installations explore themes of motion and space, the nature/culture divide and transformation. Mullen has been an exhibiting artist for the past 18 years. She received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute and is currently an MFA Candidate in Painting and Drawing at SAIC. Her paintings, sculptures and installations have been exhibited both nationally and internationally. She is the recipient of the Illinois Arts Council Fellowship, numerous awards, scholarships and professional residencies.

Artist Statement

My process is an open-ended exploration of the the subject through a mash up of self -imposed limitations in the way I use color, media, surface and structure. My objective is to articulate the subject through a changing relationship to the medium. A typical painting is constructed from a diverse range of available materials with working parts and improvised repairs, much like my life. The studio is a laboratory where I ponder the daily challenges of studio life, impulse, desire and the inherent limitations of materials. Through a process of constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing I reach outside the range of the familiar and engage with the possibility of wonder and whimsy.